Thursday, March 7, 2013

The morning of drill

Dean had to go to drill this morning as part of his split training (that is where his unit will be doing things this weekend that he can't do yet he still needs to put in his he comes on non-drill days to do other small things they need, like put stickers on folders or separate papers). It still takes a huge toll on him!!!

Last night, go to bed early. This morning: I help him get his uniform on and tie up those boots. I fix him coffee and a nice, warm breakfast (rather than him having his usual cereal), an omelet and the house smells wonderful. He's signing onto ebay to check the status of an auction, then he remembers "Oh ya, I need to eat" so he comes into the kitchen (where I am still cooking) and he gets a bowl and his cereal. I say "I'm cooking you breakfast", he says "Oh! You are??? Great!" and of course I'm thinking 'what do you think I'm doing in here and why the house smells so yummy?' but I just say "Yep". He gives me a hug and says "You're such a good wife"  :)

Then he's eating and trying to find something in his general seated vicinity and that's all it took. He starts choking....and this one was a bad one. I can hear the large chunks of food getting coughed back out of his lungs. Now he gets mad because he can't do what he is trying to do while he eats. As he keeps trying to make himself stop he doesn't stop and he continues to mini-choke on every bite. Now he's super pissed and slams the table and he's all flustered!

He finishes his breakfast and starts to gather things and because he can't think straight anymore he puts things in his own way and trips and almost falls down (walls are great). He asks me to please make him stop because he can't seem to stop with a desperation like he's going to be in trouble. He still has 15 minutes until he has to leave and he doesn't really have anything left to do but while he is wearing that uniform he feels owned and it shows!

I give him the rundown: Do you have your phone? Do you have your GPS? Do you have new batteries in your hearing aids? Then I tell him that I put the pile of things he had gathered to take to drill (he gets bored there and needs reading material, snacks, cigars, etc), which were piled on his passenger seat, into a duffle bag so he could easily carry everything into the building. I walk him out to the car and give him the final prep talk...."If you get flustered, be late and pull over and call me, it's better that you are late than be lost, confused, or dead. They aren't expecting  you at a certain time and a hundred guys will wonder where you's just you"

Now I wait. In an hour he should send me a text saying he got there safely.

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