Since Dean's injuries it has become glaringly apparent to me that my health is holding this family up. I have had a "weight issue" for 20 years now and been on many yo-yo diets. I get to this plateau and then can't seem to lose anymore weight. My plateau weight is still 50 lbs heavier than I want to be!

More important than my weight, this time around I'm realizing that my health is what is important, not my weight, per se. My viewpoint about my health is changing these days too. Rather than just lowering my calories and/or burning more calories, I've been concerned about the quality of my calories.

As a side note - Dean's injuries have brought us both closer to God as He is the only one that gets me through each day (and got Dean through his deployment). God has a part in my new health viewpoint too in that now, while thinking of the quality of my calories, I am attempting to change my eating over to a God diet :)

Basically I want to eat foods that God made....fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, seafood, etc. I want all my foods to be grown with the least amount of interference from men. Eventually, when we have our house, I want us to raise our own chicken, eggs, fruits, and vegetables and then we will be in control of what went into it all. Until that day, I have been trying to search out new ways to eat this "raw" way.

I've also been drinking this new water, called Kangen water which is really changing how my body feels :)

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