Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer's Back

[I actually wrote this June of 2016 and never clicked "Publish". It's still a true and valid post but this year it has not been that hot]

Well it's starting to look like summer around here. We hit 100 degrees during the first week of June and a few 90's before June even got here!

Of course this has a different impact on my husband. Now that I'm 110+ pounds lighter, I've found a new love for hot weather as I'm usually cold and now I can wear shorts and tank tops comfortably. But for my husband this is just miserable along with debilitating.

Yes, hot for lots of people is physically uncomfortable. Then take a person who is overweight like my husband and it's even more physically uncomfortable! But that is a non-TBI/PTSD issue. When you add in the injury stuff, I don't understand it medically and I can't tell you why it happens (other than the brain controls everything and when it's messed up, everything is), but anything colder than around 50 degrees and anything hotter than around 80 degrees is so difficult for my husband! It triggers his body to start flipping switches randomly inside him and you can see that it's so confusing for him to feel his body out of whack and unpredictable that it messes with his mental processes and his emotions as well.

His body isn't seeming to activate the cool switch at all.

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