Sunday, October 20, 2013

New house and healing

Our new house is in a very private 18 acres. It's on the highway but our driveway is 1000 feet long and gains 100 feet in elevation so we are set off the road quite a bit. We can hear the road noise a little but because there is only one access road onto the property and we have an alert system installed there Dean feels very safe. Almost the entire 18 acres is forest which is what we wanted. We have beautiful, breathtaking views of mountains and tree tops. About 7 or 8 of the acres is in usable land for animals and it's all fenced and cross-fenced. We plan to live a more self-sustaining lifestyle which makes Dean very happy and like he's providing for his family again. We'll have 6 or 7 head of cattle, pigs, and chickens for food (as well as a large garden). We'll have ducks to combat the slugs, barn cats to combat the mice/rats, donkey to help carry heavy loads, llamas to protect the animals from coyotes and other predators, and goats to keep the blackberry brambles in check. Since Dean has dreamed of living this lifestyle he is so relaxes and happy here! This has definitely been the best therapy of his life!

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