Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Some hindsight insight

After emptying my emotions in my last post, I went back and read the post I wrote when his soul first came back and I was in bliss! 

When his soul first came back, that's when he was able to have the realizations about opening himself up to me and sharing his whole self and not protecting me from the pain he held inside. Now I realize that had his soul not awakened, he couldn't have had those realizations. It wasn't that the realizations woke his soul, it was the other way around. I know this because now the realizations are not even understood by him. He's unreachable. When his soul is gone he doesn't even understand what one has to do with the other, like I'm speaking Japanese. 

I wanted to give that update in understanding because reading the previous post would seem to lead one to think that his emotions are in control of his soul being awake or not. I can tell you that isn't the case. There certainly is no manual to how brain injury works and it certainly isn't the same in any two people, so I am experiencing as I go, taking notes, analyzing the information I learn, etc. As is usually the case with anything, I often have better understanding in hindsight. 

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