Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebay and line of credit....ooops.

In April Dean found some tool on ebay that he wanted. We have both used my ebay account for 10 years as it's easier to keep track of all purchaes is we just use the one account. I happened to already have an established account when we met, so we used mine. Also I have a paypal account that I have gone through the process of linking it to our bank account and debit cards, etc.

So Dean found this item he wanted and must have forgotten all of the above info or something? When he clicked on the item to purchase it he was asked for his login info or to create an account if you don't have one. He thought to himself, "I don't have one" and so created one. Then he clicked to purchase it and was prompted to either use paypal and to use a service called "Bill Me Later" (which is a line of credit). It said something about helping improve your credit score and he thought "I need to improve my credit score" and so he signed up for that. By giving them his SS number and his birthdate they gave him an account and charged this purchase to his account. At this point they must have prompted him with confusing stuff because he thought that he didn't have an account and then he thought he paid for the item with his debit card.

I remember him telling me "I tried to sign up for this Bill Me Later thing but I don't think it worked". He told me he paid for the thing with his debit card and biggie.

Now, 3 months later, he's worried because they keep sending him stuff in his email about his delinquent account. I call and check on it and he DID in fact sign up for the account back in April, he DID charge his purchase to it, and they have been supposedly billing him and tacking on interest and late fees. Now his $37 purchase is up to $96! I talked to the guy, explained my husband's TBI and that he didn't really understand what he was doing while I tried to follow the really spotty paper trail between ebay and Bill Me Later. Anyway, I got it all figured out, they customer service guy cancelled all the extra charges and I paid him the $37 and then I closed the Bill Me Later account and his separate ebay account. He feels horrible that he messed things up and caused me extra work and of course, I'm not mad or's just one more crazy happening in the TBI more thing I gotta keep track of.

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